Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Trust & Clarity

We were fortunate enough to run across this palette from Pantone. A combination of blues that evoke qualities of trust and clarity. Introducing fresh greens and rose promises growth and plenty, everything is new and bursting with excitement. Colors that pop with neutral backgrounds of whitewash with metallic accents. 

A recent ad from Scalamandre exemplifies this palette in a livable way. Any configuation of mirror either in furnishings or traditional wall placement pulls the metalics together.  Check out ABeachCottage on Twitter, or Sarah's blog from Australia. She has a wonderful sence of style that is applicable to the States. She describes herself as, "an advocate for winging it and not worrying about perfection". Sarah loves to combine coastal, cottage and country for her unique Beach Cottage style. The next photo was taken by her; the other is a  piece we have in the shop. The mirror was noted in Chicago Home and Garden magazine.

Speaking of the shop, look what I found. A hand painted, equestrian cocktail shaker from the 1930's. It's hard for me to resist bringing this one home. Maybe I can hide it somewhere... a corner? Behind a book? 

What about this one? I think it'll do. It's one of my favorite books. Saskia shows you how to bring the beauty of flowers into your own home, providing a wealth of ideas on choosing blooms, selecting vases, composing backdrops and designing your own superb floral creations. 

Until next time- headin' to the beach. 
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Saturday, March 13, 2010

Spring in Chicago

It finally feels like Spring here in Chicago! The Chicago Home and Garden Show is in full swing and the dyeing of the river green for St. Patrick's Day, a Chicago Tradition. A million possibilities this year, what fun to imagine our yards and outdoor spaces in full bloom.  The calender is telling me spring is here, the view from my window tells me we will have one more cold spell. Take a look at what we found this week.

More Farrow and Ball: Ringwold wallpaper. Absolutely beautiful. The Karelian cupboard in dove is nice as well. The mix of platinum and gold, vintage and new made a statement. The next two samples have the same qualities, smooth vs. textural.

Interior spaces feel more luxe, warm and sophisticated, with the combination of matte flocked wallpaper on metallic ground by Jane Churchill. The trellis design illustrates both traditional and contemporary depending on the quantity.

Here is another example of texture. From Colefax and Fowler. Damask in bronze. Reminds me of the cut velvet we made back in college.

Silver and Dove Gray walls denote high glamor. Toned down with a mix of surfaces and textures, makes it comfortable. The bedroom designs wonderful with a reclaimed headboard in silver. Bronze lighting, and gold ribbon suspension. An Indian throw provides an accent of non-conformity. A bedroom that would be comfortable for everyone, including the kids and the dog.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Aquatic color and Cobelle

 One of my favorite things to do to relax is paint. In my home, I must admit, usually once a month something needs a touch-up. Then we have seasonal design magazines sporting the newest shades, which usually means time for a color update. This color palette is from one of the best paint company I have found, Farrow and Ball. Check them out,  . It's a pleasure to work with and saturation is outstanding. The company describes it as follows: Subtle, natural colours are starkly contrasted with strong inky blues and combined with the reflective qualities of light, glass and mirrors for a diluted, watery look featuring freshwater tones. Did I mention a blue and white theme?  

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Blue and White

Spring catalogs are rolling in, 45 degrees will hit by the end of the week. We are gearing up for renewal in our homes, our lives and our businesses. Time to freshen up. Here are a couple items I found interesting, It's all about Blue and White, starting with a clean slate. From oversized prints by Duralee to a take on Spectator by Victoria Hagan, with a few more ideas thrown in.  I can't wait to get started.